Salad Toppers – Mimosa

The last salad topper I am going to talk about is a mimosa. Did you know there is more than one kind of mimosa in the food world? And that it happens to be a salad topper? I, like you, always thought of a mimosa as the champagne/organe juice drink served with brunch on weekends. But no, there is another mimosa in town and it is a salad topper.

I was first introduced to this several months back while watching an episode of The French Chef with Julia Child. It was the episode on french salad had lots of great info in it. But leave it to Julia to do something brilliant like sieve an egg yolk. Yes, sieve an egg yolk. Taking something dense and creating a light and airy topping that adds a pop of color to the salad.

My google-fu was pretty weak this time around and I couldn’t find any history on mimosa as a salad topper. I did learn though that it is also a salad dressing. And the drink… well there is no surprise there. But in any case, let me show what/how a mimosa as a salad topper works.

You start with the yolk in the sieve.

Then using the back of a spoon you press the yolk through the sieve till all of it has gone through.

Then you simply scrape the sieved yolk into a bowl and it is ready to go.

Mimosa is used a finishing topper. One of those very last additions sprinkled atop a salad.

Isn’t that cool! I’m not sure why I find this so interesting but I just love a new presentation of something so familiar with salads. It’s the same yet different. And nothing goes to waste because the egg white gets tossed in with the salad. Thank you Julia for yet another simple but brilliant idea.

Mimosa Salad Topper

Adapted from: Julia Child

  • 1 hard boiled egg (1 egg per 2 salads)

Cut the egg in half and remove the egg yolk. Place the egg yolk into a sieve. Using the back of a spoon, press (with force) the egg yolk through the sieve till all has gone through the mesh. Then using the spoon, scrape the sieved egg yolk into a bowl.

To serve, sprinkle on top of a prepared salad. Enjoy.

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