Last Week In The Kitchen: Oct 24 – 30th 2011

Winter Minestrone – Italian Food Forever

This soup has it going on and is incredibly healthy. The combination of vegetables really shined. I didn’t make too many modifications… subbed out the potatoes for sweet potatoes as I was out of regular and did not add the beans… I was out of canned. Chose kale as my greens. And I didn’t bother topping it with the olive oil or pesto. All I needed was several grates of pecorino ramano cheese and we were good to go.

Recipe link: Winter Minestrone

Light Chicken and Pea Curry – I ❤ Curry by Anjum Anand

I adapted this a bit from the original which called for tofu in place of the chicken. While the tofu version is great, tofu isn’t something I have on hand regularly and I was particularly in the mood for its lightly spiced broth. Served it up over a small bit of red rice.

Cookbook link: Light Chicken and Pea Curry

Cauliflower & Goat Cheese Soup – Scandi Foodie

This recipe had me at goat cheese. Simple and savory!

Recipe link: Cauliflower & Goat Cheese Soup

Cheddar, Bacon, Chive Drop Biscuits – Adapted from Two Peas And Their Pod

Things had been a bit healthy lately so I decided biscuits were the perfect accompaniment to the cauliflower soup. I used the base of the biscuit dough and added in a couple slices of chopped bacon, about ½ cup of chopped Welsh cheddar, and a bunch of chives.

Recipe link: Cheddar, Bacon, Cive Drop Biscuits

Roasted Apple Bread – King Arthur Flour

My interest was piqued with the idea of roasting apples and tossing them in bread. Apples tossed in cinnamon and sugar and ever so slightly roasted? NOM! The bread turned out okay. Not great, but still being eaten. I think this recipe could use some work.

Recipe link: Roasted Apple Bread

Extra Tangy Sourdough bread – King Arthur Flour

It had been too long. This is one of my staple sourdough recipes. It makes me happy. Nuff said.

Recipe link: Extra Tangy Sourdough Bread

Meat Loaf with Mashed Potato’s – My own general creation

I honestly don’t think I have ever made the same meat load twice. I always start with a pound of beef and a half pound of sausage… but from there? Never the same. Wasn’t too happy with my spice combination this time around, but it was still quite edible.

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