Penzy’s Kind Heart Gift Box

I love spices. Especially Penzy’s Spices. This isn’t much of a secret.

See Penzy’s does this awesome thing with their catalog. Several times a year they affix a coupon for a free spice. Usually it is a new spice blend of sorts that they want everyone to try. Free spices? Sure!

The Thanksgiving 2011 catalog has a particularly awesome coupon for the Kind Heart Gift Box.

The box includes four spice blends, a kind heart sticker, and tip cards.

  • 33rd & Galena
  • Arizona Dreaming
  • Mural of Flavor
  • Forward!

Despite the tip cards reminding me of Monopoly properties, they give quite a few different ideas on how to use each spice. Also included is a thank you card as a way of thanking the recipient of the box for their kindness.

Penzy’s really stepped it up this year with this gift box. The packaging is done really well and it is a great selection of spice blends. It is also priced just right, $7.95 till the end of the year, making it a perfect way to show someone you care this holiday season without spending a fortune.

So do yourself a favor and go get on Penzy’s mailing list.

Note: This post is my personal opinion. I have no association with Penzy’s nor was I compensated to write about this. I can’t help but write good things about products I love and use.

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