Square One

I am back to making changes in my life. Changes in exercise, diet, and nutrition. And hopefully along the way a whole new mindset. These are changes that I have done before and have been mostly successful at. They carried through my pregnancy with Gabe but then he came and everything kind of went KABOOM! Not everything was thrown to the wind but in some ways it was. I was able to lose the baby weight and keep some movement in my life but not consistently. I stopped seeing Daniella which actually really sucks and had an obvious impact. Even though it was my choice to stop seeing her… exhaustion, pumping, logistical challenges, and oh yeah buying a house, it was both what I needed and didn’t need at the same time. Anyways, I simply didn’t have the support to really make a great postpartum comeback. The first year is something else. I was tired and felt like I had bigger fish to fry than getting back into shape. Thankfully I never strayed too far from the principles Daniella taught me. She fundamentally changed my view on nutrition, food, and exercise and I am forever grateful to her for that. Throw in some person struggles and I ended up right where I am. In real need of shaping up.

So I am starting at square one.

While I’ve needed to make changes months ago it has only been in the last month or so that things have been shifting. I’ve since started working on realigning many areas of my life and this is one of them. So I’m adjusting this, adjusting that. Doing this and that. Changing this and that. All of which I want to be momentum building in a forward direction. This time around, I really have experience to pull from. I know myself better. I know my body. I know how and what. And for the things I don’t I can go in search for the answer.

And for some crazy reason I kind of want to blog about it. I want to talk about what I’m doing. Things that are working for me. Things that are NOT working. I don’t even want to try and define all the areas I want to cover over time. And I want to talk about failing… Lord knows I do that quite often. I don’t know where the time will come for this either. Doing one thing means not doing another. But if it is quick, in the moment, and not too well thought out I might just able to pull it off. It is a whole lot easier to write about yourself than story tell for a recipe! It may be the accountability I need. Or not. I might just fall flat on my face after two posts and not bring it up again for another six months.

I’m not sure what is compelling me to do this so I’m giving it a go.

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