Petits Fours: Icing

Pourable sugary goodness. Things are about to get a bit messy, but what is cooking without a little mess?

Petits Fours: Filling & Stacking

With our cakes and filling prepared, we can now move forward with cutting, filling, and stacking our petits fours. While these next steps may look a little intimidating, they aren’t. You will want to start by pulling out one your frozen cakes (two if your are making these for a large group). It needs a…

Petits Fours: The Cake

The heart of petits fours is the cake. While you can use a variety of different cakes, I went with a good old traditional yellow cake. This is a light (when not over mixed!), sturdy cake that comes together quickly and can be used for an array for dessert bases.

Petits Fours: The Filling

Petits fours can be made with a variety of fillings. From assorted jams such as strawberry and raspberry to butter cream, pastry cream curds, marzipan, etc. Strawberry jam is what the recipe called for and I had no complaints about that. This was actually the perfect excuse to try a small batch strawberry jam recipe…