Farmers Market 8/2/12

It felt good to get back to the market today. After one too many runs to Safeway around and between travel days, I am reminded once again why I love and appreciate everything I buy at the farmers market. Big box grocers simply cannot compare to what farmers markets offer. I went for a little…

Farmers Market 5/17/12

With Will heading out of town next week I went light on the goods today. Was happy to finally find some decent sized English peas. Green garlic ( I can’t seem to get enough of this stuff!) Yellow onions Red potatoes English peas Zucchini & yellow squash Chinese broccoli Cherries!!

Market Bounty 7/2/11

Half Moon Bay Farmers Market Yellow Squash White Corn Eggplant Lacinato Kale Golden Beets Carrots Squash Blossoms Chives Thyme