Farmers Market 5/24/12

Busy day at the market this morning. The change in seasonal offerings has people coming out in much higher numbers. I’m still staying away from the stone fruit though, still a bit early in the season. Added some purple into the mix baby eggplant and red onions. Also found a newer farmer that has a…

Farmers Market 5/17/12

With Will heading out of town next week I went light on the goods today. Was happy to finally find some decent sized English peas. Green garlic ( I can’t seem to get enough of this stuff!) Yellow onions Red potatoes English peas Zucchini & yellow squash Chinese broccoli Cherries!!

Farmers Market 5/10/12

I think the season has officially changed at the market. It totally felt like a new market! There were more vendors, stone fruits were showing up… the likes of peaches, apricots, cherries, green plums. Several more vendors had tomatoes. Summer squash is starting to make an appearance. The price of strawberries has dropped several dollars….

Farmers Market 5/3/12

Good day at the market despite not really having much of a game plan for things. So I went for a little of this and a little of that. Radishes are new this week and I was happy to find some green garlic. Citrus season is winding down fast so I only came home with…

Farmers Market 4/12/12

Much smaller haul this week. Lots of green! Cabbage English peas Asparagus Kale Green garlic Oak leaf lettuce (I think) I was happy to see a ton more english peas at the market. But after shelling them today I was greatly disappointed with the yield. Very small immature peas. I may have to hold back…