Swedish Chocolate Pound Cake {Chokladkaka}

We are finally starting to feel a change of the seasons on the coastside. Our Indian summer is over and for the past several weeks we’ve had several large storms come through. All the rain has been very refreshing and even cleansing in way. The temperatures are finally matching the right time of the year….

Swedish Sugar Cake {Sokerkaka}

It is definitely feeling like it is time to move forward in The Great Scandinavian Baking Book. With cookies and little cakes thoroughly sampled, cakes and pastries seem like a good transition. So I jumped in with the very first recipe in the cakes section, Swedish Sugar Cake. But before I could make the cake…

Petits Fours: Filling & Stacking

With our cakes and filling prepared, we can now move forward with cutting, filling, and stacking our petits fours. While these next steps may look a little intimidating, they aren’t. You will want to start by pulling out one your frozen cakes (two if your are making these for a large group). It needs a…

Petits Fours: The Cake

The heart of petits fours is the cake. While you can use a variety of different cakes, I went with a good old traditional yellow cake. This is a light (when not over mixed!), sturdy cake that comes together quickly and can be used for an array for dessert bases.