Happy Second Birthday

Gabriel, how wonderful it is to celebrate your second year. And I mean that with every fiber of my being. It has been such a stark contrast to your first year of life. Different in every way. But we found our groove, didn’t we? And I’d like to say it has been a good one….

Learning Tower

Early this summer I found myself in a predicament. It seemed like every time I was in the kitchen preparing food Gabe would get frustrated at me for doing so. He would proceed to push himself between me and the cabinet while whining at me. Not cool. Especially when I’m chopping or have something on…

Water/Sensory Table

This was a fun little project that we were able to pull together in about a day. At the beginning of summer I started seeing various water/sand/sensory tables across the internet as activities for kids. While I am still not quite ready to deal with sand or rice I did like the idea of water….

Checking in with Gabe #17 & 18

I know how we got here but somehow August is staring us in the face. It has been a fun adventure filled summer thus far. While we haven’t taken any trips or done any bucket list type items, we have certainly been doing our best to enjoy the opportunities around us. A big part of this…

Checking in with Gabe #16

He knows where the lens cap goes. I am happy to start this post with the news that Gabe’s leg healed perfectly and he is out of his cast!!! On top of being 16 months old. Life with the cast Life with a cast wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Limiting at times,…

A Few Steps from Square One

I really was hoping to be able to do more updates about going back to square one. It’s not surprising that I haven’t been able to. I thought I had gained some time and turned out that I didn’t. This whole “time” thing is an ongoing thing that sometimes leaves me a bit frustrated. Ah well….

Checking in with Gabe #15

Explorer Gabe Goodbye April, hello May and 15 months old. April turned out to be a big month of development. I’ve been noticing a shift in the way he plays and a big effort on his part to really start communicating with us. And growth… Mr. Long Arms is really good at stealing the mouse…

Square One

I am back to making changes in my life. Changes in exercise, diet, and nutrition. And hopefully along the way a whole new mindset. These are changes that I have done before and have been mostly successful at. They carried through my pregnancy with Gabe but then he came and everything kind of went KABOOM!…


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