Gabriel’s One Year Photos

Photo By: Smarrtypants Photography
Photo By: Smarrtypants Photography

A year later… walking, laughing, eating cake. No longer the little infant cradled in our arms. No longer the confident army crawler. But still the happy, even keeled boy who so easily nestled himself into our hearts. One year strong.

To capture Gabe’s one year photos, we worked with Michelle Smarr of Smartypants Photography. A friend who recently went pro and a local coastsider. I had a great time collaborating and shooting with Michelle. She is incredibly patient and carries a joyful spirit about her. There is no denying her heart and skill in working with kids. Consider this my recommendation to all you in the area who probably do need family photos taken.

I’ve talked a little about this shoot in the last couple of blog posts but wanted to recap it here a bit. We kind of tried to capture a few things in this shoot (probably too much in hindsight! I should have just booked two different sessions). First I wanted his first birthday photos. And secondly I wanted some updated family shots. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of doing a cake smash, but after some talking to Michelle about it we decided to do a cake smash a little outside the box. We did it outside! And I loved how it turned out. Not surprisingly, Gabe is not a cake smasher. It’s not in his character. Taking handfuls of buttercream and shoving it in his mouth is.

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  1. Dana says:

    You picked the perfect header picture for this entry. My favorite “baby-to-small child” pictures are where they’re looking up and the sky is reflected in their big, curious eyes. All of them are great, though!

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