Life with Gabe: Year 1

About a month after Gabe was born I started posting pictures of him with the hashtag #lifewithgabe over on Instagram (my social media of choice. There’s even a widget over on the right side of your screen with my latest photos.) They are exactly as it sounds, life with him. They are the in the moment/yes that did just happen, oh my goodness isn’t he cute! kind of photos. I’ve collected the year’s photos together and am compiling them into a small print book. It’s my way of doing a first year kind of album that I hope to continue doing each year. For posterity’s sake I wanted to post them to the blog.

In the process of gathering these photos together I learned a few things.

  • < Insert a bunch of text about searching hashtags on Instagram> Apparently things have changed a bit in the last couple of weeks and now the search works a bit better than it used to. 0_o

  • Because I’m doing print I need the full size photos this means going through Lightroom and pulling out the Instagram shots into a single folder. This also means I lose the filter it was posted with. Not that big of a deal but filters do cover a multitude of sins.

  • Quality of the photos. I love most of the photos I posted in the series. But what I don’t love is the quality of the photos. They simply aren’t good. I knew my MotoX was showing its age and I fought to keep it. And the result are low quality pictures. Having a good camera on me is important. Especially when talking about capturing the important moments of our family. In a lot of respects, my phone IS my point and shoot. All that to say, I am soooo much happier with the quality of my photos from my Nexus 5X.

This ended up being a very manual process to get all the pieces of data together: photos, date, and the caption. All of that is saved in two places, Lightroom and a google doc. I need to find a better way to collect this data for next year.

Anyways, here is a look at my life with Gabe.

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