Family Photos 2015

Last month something came up where we needed an updated family picture and we needed it pretty quick. We didn’t want to use one from the newborn shoot because well… Gabe was a newborn! He has grown so much and I wanted that reflected in the photos. It needed to be a good picture too. A quick cellphone pic was not going to suffice for this. It was clearly a job for Monica Michelle. I called her up and two days later we were in her studio taking pictures! She was more than willing to help us out in our last minute photo emergency. And I have to say, she got a few of Gabe that I absolutely love! I never imagined (or set out for that matter) having a family photographer but I am so glad we do! Thanks Monica!!! You helped seal the deal!

Gabe is almost six months, two weeks in these photos. As always, click to embiggen.

PS: And yes… I know this shirt has been photographed one too many times and it needs to be retired. I’m going to blame this instance on being a new mom and the last minute nature of the shoot.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dana says:

    Oh my goodness- that last one is such a keeper! They’re all great, but I adore his expression in that one.

  2. Rachel Arent says:

    Such a beautiful family. We love yall

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