Gabriel’s Newborn Photos Pt.1

Now that the little guy is 4 months old, it is due time to share his newborn photos. Will shared some on his site but I would like to post some here for posterity’s sake.

Having newborn photos done was never a question. Given how brief that stage of life is we thought it was important to capture it. We ended up working with two amazing photographers. One who I have worked with on several projects and have come to call friend. And the other is a lovely woman who was willing to drive a ridiculous distance to photograph both Gabe’s birth and newborn session. Thus Gabe had two photo shoots in the first week of his life! The result was nothing short of two unique perspective on his first days.

The first set of photos is from Monica Michelle. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Monica on several projects before and absolutely love working with her. She is a true artist that never ceases to inspire me.

click to embiggen.

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  1. Ember says:

    So sweet! Thank you for sharing these.

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