Three Months: Patience, Grace, & Falling Into Place

3 months

This post was supposed to be a 2 month update and then a 2 ½ month update and then I said forget it and have been focusing on getting things together for a 3 month update. There just isn’t much free time to go around these days and I am still slowly learning to steal moments for myself.

These past 3 months have been all about patience, grace, and falling into place. Life with a new baby is one hell of a learning curve, especially for first time parents. But it is a curve you learn quickly even if it means stumbling through it. Or in my case, falling asleep from sleep deprivation. But things change. And somehow the days continue on. Morning to night, night to morning. One more feeding. One more pump. Gabe gets older. He gains more weight. He is suddenly 3 months old… alive and thriving!


We have certainly had our ups and downs. When you’ve been cruising along at 70mph in 5th gear and suddenly shift down into 1st. It’s kind of like being slammed into a brick wall. Having a baby seems like one of the most dramatic life changes you can do. Everything is different yet in a strange way not at all that different either. It’s a shift in priorities and responsibilities, like a handful of dice being rolled out onto the table. Everything gets reassigned new values. But you… you are still you. Your identity remains. The essence of who you are does not change… it just gets thrown into a spin cycle for a bit.

Everyone says it gets easier with time… I don’t know if that is necessarily true. What I think happens is that things change and you get better at doing and dealing with things. You learn that the more you surrender to the ebbs and flows of a new baby the easier it is to move through the ebbs and flows. This especially comes into play when things don’t quite play out how you expect. Some things will be a challenge, some things will not. You just can’t know what yours will end up being.

Patience, grace, and falling into place.


Now at 3 months life with Gabe is different than it has been at each stage thus far… and I like it. I am really enjoying watching him grow. His personality comes out a little bit more each day. He is much more alter. He can hold his head up really well. And he is so much more engaging. He loves “playing” several times a day now between the eating and sleeping. And his coos… he coos like a dove. There is so much joy in his face. I am looking forward to hearing him laugh.


He is almost 14lbs now and is still eating like a champ. So far he is a really good sleeper. He consistently sleeps through the night and has done a few 9 hour stretches overnight. I only wish we could get him to sleep earlier in the night. He can track you with his eyes and like most babies, is captivated by red and bold colors. He doesn’t really care for the pacifier, only holding onto it when he wants to suckle otherwise I think he enjoys spitting it out. He has learned how to stick his fingers/fist in his mouth and seems to enjoy drooling on occasion.

What else can I say, he is a mellow happy baby. I’m incredibly grateful to have a son like him.

Here are a few pics from his first 3 months. Click any picture for the larger/gallery view. Sorry for the poor editing, we’ve switched to Lightroom and have yet to figure out how to do quick decent looking edits.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Grandma says:

    This are great pictures. Gabriel is such a sweetie (and this is not just Grandma talking). So glad that you are getting so many great pictures of him. Love to you both.

  2. Ember says:

    AAhhhhh!!!!! Thanks for the update and the photos! I love the photos of your two men napping together. 🙂 Look at how blond he is!!! You were blond as a baby, right? That smile is the best!

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