Meet Gabriel

Birth announcement front

Birth announcement back

Now that the “newborn haze” has faded a bit and we’ve navigated through a few challenges, I thought it was due time to formally introduce you to Gabriel… or informally, Gabe. He made his entrance into this world four weeks ago today.

He is an even tempered little guy. Generally calm and laid back. So incredibly attentive. Loud noises don’t really bother him… I can vacuum or run the vitamix and he stays asleep. He doesn’t fuss much either, only when he needs something. For example, if he is awake and wets his diaper, he lets us know immediately! Speaking of diapers, he already a pro at diaper changes. Once the dirty diaper is off, he is as happy as clam.

Thinking in his sleep
Thinking in his sleep

It took a bit to kick start his appetite but he is now a voracious eater. He also doesn’t mind sleeping… but then again, he is a newborn. We are already at 4-5hr stretches of sleep if he is filled with enough food. And he loves to snuggle. Why doesn’t anyone talk about how great it is to have a newborn sleep on your chest!?

So far he has been a trooper with the not so fun parts of life. He didn’t even flinch with his vitamin k shot or for the newborn screening test. But try to wipe his eye goobers away? Not cool. Or cold wipes or temperature changes? Not a fan. But at the same time he has no problem kicking off his blanket if he is too hot. He also doesn’t like being strapped into the car seat but once he is in and we are moving he conks right out.

Sweet sleep
Sweet sleep

Gabe currently as dark blue eyes with a hint of green. I hope they stay that way. Speaking of eyes, I often call him a “one eyed pirate” because he likes to open just one eye so he can see if it is worth opening the other. He has a head of hair that is darker in the back and gets lighter up in the front. It’s incredibly soft too! Long fingers and toes… at 21.5 inches long, I think it’s safe to say he is going to be tall like his daddy.

He currently enjoys listening to Sherri Youngward, Josh White, and my ambient pandora station. None of the baby/kid music for this guy. He also loves long walks by the ocean.

Oh, everyone says he looks like his dad. Aside from his chin, I can’t see it. I just see Gabe.

I feel incredibly blessed with Gabe. He fits so perfectly into our family. God knew exactly what He was doing when He knit Gabe together in my womb.

Happy one month birthday my little one eyed pirate.

Now… to find the new normal.

Lookin' at you
Lookin’ at you

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