Dinner & Discussion, Week 7

If I had to use one word to describe week 7 it would be the word flux. The flow in and out, where someones heart is that particular Friday night, the things that have been revealed or not revealed, this where we are at in the process. Letting God move us through this journey of discovery.

As far as food goes, this week starts with tacos. It’s what you end up with when you don’t want to do another variation of roast chicken. Tacos also mean sauces and sides. What’s so great about sauces/dips and sides? They are easy to prepare and can be made in advanced which means for an easier prep time come Friday afternoon. You could say this week has a theme but this menu didn’t come together under the parameters of a theme. It was more of a “these are the things I like to eat with tacos” kind of thing.

I did end up taking a little creative liberty with this weeks salad. I don’t know if it is a salad or a slaw but what I ended up with was a jicama, apple, plum slaw with a light orange-lime dressing. Oh my goodness! A crunchy, refreshing delight! I may have to write a recipe for it and do a proper recipe post for you guys.

Now for the menu.

Tacos: Peruvian Roast Chicken: I love the flavors of Nom Nom Paleo’s Peruvian chicken. I did not though want to do another roast chicken. But for tacos? Perfect. Roasted it like normal then pulled it from the bones. The result is highly flavored tender shredded chicken as a taco base.

Peruvian Roast Chicken

Tacos: Corn Cauliflower: I love it when vegetarian options don’t feel or taste like vegetarian options, but instead simply taste like amazing food. This was exactly that. And you know what? I scrambled a couple eggs with a bit of the leftovers and topped with a couple of spoonfuls of leftover guacamole. Oh my, I think I might like the breakfast version better than the taco version!

Corn cauliflower taco filling
Corn cauliflower taco filling

Spanish Rice: What are tacos without rice? This is a version I picked up from some family friends a while back. It’s cooked in broth and has lots of tomatoes, green onions, and garlic added to it.

Spanish rice

Pinto Beans: And then we have the beans. I loosely based off an old recipe I’ve used for refried beans. I didn’t want the refry and didn’t quite season it as heavily as I normally do. Quite tasty for not having any lard in the recipe.

Pinto beans

Jicama Apple Plum Slaw: Inspired by various jicama salads across the internet. Julienned jicama, apple, and plum tossed in orange lime dressing.

Jicama apple plum slaw
Jicama apple plum slaw

Sauces: Can’t have tacos without something to put on top! Served the traditional salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and aji verde that is included in the Peruvian chicken recipe.


Strawberry Almond Shortcakes: This dessert is something that has been on my list to make for D&D. I’ve come to really like this shortcake recipe. The almonds make it interesting and the cake flour lightens it up. The strawberries aren’t super saucy in this version so if you like a lot of sauce, puree a handful of extra strawberries and add them to the macerated berries.


Dinner and Discussion is a weekly gathering over a meal and discussion. Read more about this series.

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