Winter Squash

After halloween, most pumpkin farms in the area do a mass discount on all their pumpkins in effort to get rid of and make a few bucks on their surplus before tilling them into the fields and/or sending them off. What is even better is that because these are farms and major tourist attractions they often have more than just pumpkins, they also have a small variety of squash.

Of the three years we’ve been on the coastside this was the first time I made a point to stop and see what I could find. And look what I came home with!

While I was hoping they had some butternut or acorn, I am excited to find the variety that I did. Delicata, hubbard, Red Etampes (or cinderella), spaghetti, and sweet dumpling (or carnival.) I’m not sure what a few of these are… there might be a red kuri and a blue hakkoido pumpkin but I’m not sure. More research needs to be done.

They were all $1.00 a piece.

This guy weighs around 8 pounds… that makes it around .12 cents per/lb. Crazy, right?

So why buy so many? Cold storage. These guys will keep all winter long in the garage. I was sure to get ones that didn’t have damage spots or mold and had strong firm rinds. Now all I need is a few butternut and acorn to add to the mix and I am set for winter.

I am roasting one these guys for tonight to top a salad w/wheat berries, ricotta salata, asian pears, and an apple cider honey vinaigrette with a piece of grilled salmon on top.

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