Mostly back, definitely alive

August second and most of our summer travels are behind us now. We’ve been back for several days now but my body (and mind for that matter) has been in a weird state of limbo… not quite sick but definitely not firing on all six cylinders. There is still one last event this weekend, a wedding up in Cottonwood, CA and then things settle down for a couple of weeks.

I’m not even going to try to encapsulate Ireland, the photography class, and Hollie & Jeff’s wedding in this post. At the rate ate which we have been going I don’t think I’ve truly had time to process everything we experienced. No, this is more of a “hey, we are back” kind of a thing.

Our travels have been no less than an adventure. There were so many times I stopped myself along the way to consciously let my eyes drink everything in. I am thankful to have cameras that capture the many things I know my brain will not be able to hold onto in the years to come. I am convinced that with Ireland, God intentionally bumped the saturation bar to the max. And yes, it is awesome! And down in Southern California God treated us to the bluest of skies and warm weather. A part of me couldn’t help but miss her… though not the weather, I have adapted too much to the coastal microclimate I am in for me to want the hot So Cal weather back. 😉

Yes, pics are coming. Just not in this post.

Things are working their way back to “normal” but change is on the horizon. (heh, when is it not?) Plotting and planning for the rest of the year has started brewing in the back of my mind. More travels, events, dinner parties, Christmas card, and the holidays. But for now, at least the rest of this week, I’ll sort through bomb that has exploded in my office, write a few blog posts, and cook some wholesome food.

And with that I am off to the farmers market.

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