Farmers Market 6/7/12

Holy expanding market Batman!!! They added a third row to accomodate all the vendors! With the addition of all the summer fruits now in season, the market has a wonderful mix of veggies, fruits, and handmade goods.

I am quite smitten with this weeks haul. The cherries are amazing! The peaches? I found for $1/lb! And the bread? I have been craving artisan bread like something fierce. Last week is when I noticed there is a french bakery at the market, Crepe & Brioche Bakery from up in San Francisco. Reality is that I just don’t have the time for making artisan bread right now. So why not buy it from the artisans who can make it a ton better than I can? Worth every penny. I haven’t cut into the pugliese yet, but the butter croissants?

<insert some adjectives and adverbs describing how good they are>

Okay then. Moving onto today’s haul!

  • 1 loaf pugliese
  • 2 butter croissants
  • Yellow peaches
  • Nectarines
  • Cherries
  • Lemons

  • Heirloom tomatoes … okay, I know I should not be buying these this early in the season. But the price was right and I couldn’t resist. I just hope the flavor is as good as their August counter parts.
  • Baby eggplant
  • Yellow onions

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