The French Chef Season 1, Ep 8 “Chicken Breasts and Rice”

Braised Rice

Risotto = braised rice. The French use plain white long grain rice and don’t really cook it in the same manner as the Italians.

Cook In Butter

Browning the rice in the butter cooks off the floury coating on the rice. By cooking off the coating it prevents the rice from becoming gummy.


Supreme – the daintiest, loveliest part of the chicken is never boiled or poached. It is always cooked in butter in a covered casserole or sauteed.

Finger Test

Finger test chicken for doneness – raw is squishy, done is resilient, over done is hard.

Lightbulb Moment

Just as you add cornstarch to a broth/water to thicken, you can also add cornstarch to heavy cream to make a thick sauce.

Lessons from Julia is a weekly series where I post what I am learning from watching episodes of The French Chef with Julia Child starting at season 1, episode 1.

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